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  Photo: Plethora of designs Loving Jacksonville Fla. Plethora hair care  sold in salons. Contact us at 907-528-0518.try our peppermint scalp ointment for dry itchy scalp.  During the winter months it is necessary to apply a hot oil treatment. Plethora's remedy is to make sure the scalp is healthy. If your scalp is dry, it is necessary to clean the scalp with Plethora dandruff and scalp cleanser to remove any flaking or dandruff. This is applied directly to the scalp before you wet the hair or shampoo the hair. Next, apply Plethora Rosemary and Cucumber hot oil for ten minutes, coating the hair from the scalp area to the ends of each hair strand. Apply Plethora Moisturizing Shampoo throughout the hair on top of the hot oil that has been applied to the hair, shampoo the hair twice and rinse. Then apply Plethora Conditioner on the hair for 2 minutes. Remember hot oil treatments only help repair the outer portion of the hair.




Coconut Balm is a lite oil. May be used on the hair or skin.